Saturday, April 24, 2010

some fabulous rugby this weekend

We have watched some great rugby this weekend - first the Qld Reds won their game - very exciting rugby and then we went to the game here - Force vs Crusaders. Crusaders were pretty lack lustre and it was exciting to see the Force win and then today the Hurricanes won against the Highlanders - that was a great first half and a very good ref - for a change. Means you can enjoy a game. maybe it means the Hurricanes are in with a chance with 3 weeks to go.

Other than that we have been working away getting ready for Melbourne.

Plus - the good people who won the draw in my 100,000 blog give away - your goodies will be leaving on Tuesday with the mail. I haven't forgotten you - just been a bit side tracked. Hang in there.


Amanda said...

Oh I do like a good game of rugby!!

Heather said...

My husband enjoyed the rugby this weekend too - his home team had a good win today.

Anonymous said...

I saw you guys in the field celebrating Force's big win at ME. Wish we were there.


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