Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a sort of wind out day

This is an empty van after we had taken out all the boxes etc at the carriers. Just so you know.
Yesterday we got everything away to Melbourne for the AQC - there is so much work to do when you do a show - and last night we sat and relaxed with a lovely bbq in our back garden and then slept well. Maggie was saying on her blog something about quiet and recovery when you have finished a task. I often feel like that. I think we work to a premium and then stop. Shouldn't really as there are mountains of other things to do.

One of the palettes all stacked ready for shrink wrap.
While the guy was doing that I spotted some rusty stuff on the yard and popped off to photographed it. Saved me standing around while someone else did all the work.

This one looks like slashed fabrics from the Elizabethan period. A good jacket for Henry V111?

Aren't they wonderful? Ian was relieved to see that nothing was loose or small enough for me to bring home.

Have to say that the concert on Sunday night - Supafest or urban pop - was dreadful. Apparently the noise level was well over the decibel limit and there were many complaints. 6 hours of horrific noise and we couldn't hear the tv or a cd indoors with the house shut up and the windows all rattled. In the morning the rubbish in our streets was unbelievable.

Lots to catch up on today and I still have a long list of things to do for AQC including my wall display and gathering stuff for my 11am talk and demo on the stand. I am going to play with the fat sparrow moulding mat in a number of ways. And get back to that art to wear.

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Heather said...

Lovely tidy van! Surely the organisers of such noisy and disruptive concerts can be held responsible? Let's hope all the complaints bring a good result. Love the rusty stuff and enjoy AQC, it sounds great.


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