Friday, April 02, 2010


Wow - we actually had a sleep in this morning fairly safe in the knowledge that no-one would phone at 6am from some other part of Australasia. Holey Moley we got done - breakfast with Grant in our garden we had but newsletter no - Ian's computer decided to misbehave just as he was half way through the beautification of my words so it will go out tomorrow. Ian feels the sky won't fall in and the wheels of life will continue to turn. I am never sure.....

Jean, who has been doing the embellish stitch enrich workshop and creating wonderful work, sent me a super ATC - just right for my heart - thanks so much - it is a lovely piece of art and I am hoping she might let me use it in my next workshop - Hot Needles Cool Stitches- as a superb idea for landscape.

Tonight The Force try their hand again at hopefully winning a game and Ian is just lighting the bbq for the beforehand. We have just watched the Hurricanes/Crusaders game and the Hurricanes were done in by the ref but it was an exciting game and a draw is better than anything else. They won't be happy but they played very well indeed. Dan missed the conversion - an honorable man?

I have been blonde momenting - hoping to launch at AQC - maybe maybe not. See how I go. You must remember I am an original blonde turned fucshia.


Heather said...

What a fantastic ATC. I get no sleep ins these days on account of our elderly cat demanding his breakfast at the crack of dawn - having got me up and stuffed his face, he then goes back to bed for the day! Fuchsia-heads can get away with blonde moments by putting it all down to artistic temperament!

Digitalgran said...

Just been playing catchup on here. I never have time for my faves these days! Glad to read your leg is improving. I can see you are having loads of fun on Holey Moley, but dare not join in just yet, but I'm sending for the Flower Stitcher book for some inspiration shortly, can't wait for Ally Pally. I rarely bring mine out these days!


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