Saturday, April 03, 2010

Easter Saturday

Hope you are all having a relaxing holiday - after an auspicious start, like Ian's laptop choosing to be as stroppy as mine, we finally got the newsletter out this morning.

I have enrolled in Carla's online workshop and while I haven't done much more than the practice lesson it is lots of fun and I am going to stockpile them for later this week when I will have time. Drawing is something we never do enough and we all know we should be drawing every day if only for a few minutes. You know yourself that you get better the more you do it (nobody else has to see it). I just love Carla's attitude.

We have had lots of rugby these past 2 days - very exciting it was to see the Force get their first win and they did indeed deserve it. Plus we enjoyed seeing the Blues beat the Bulls this afternoon.

Blonde Moments - I can see it has many people intrigued. Remember we are supposed to enjoy life and that is where I am at. I am working hard on this new little venture and really expect to launch the first part of my concept at AQC.

Tomorrow will be a landmark so pop in and read me...


Heather said...

Glad you got the newsletters out in spite of the computers. I am having a very relaxed Easter, having stopped dashing to the bathroom on account of a tummy bug! I'm enjoying a quick bloghop then sprawling on the sofa again until I feel more lively. I'll be back tomorrow - I'm intrigued!

Dorothy said...

When you have this blonde moment will we recognise you?


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