Sunday, April 18, 2010

superfest and some more Bali

Bali again in Ubud - looking out from the bathroom

Most exciting today - ha ha - we have a Superfest at the oval - 5 hours of urban pop live LOUD. Lots of little girls lined up at 8am this morning when I went off to work at the warehouse. Not quite our style of music but we will survive.

Our villa - like coming home since this is the thrird time we have had this villa - we like this one - it looks over the rice padi and is very quiet

the outdoor lounge

the pool - this is where Ian lay for about 15minutes and turned into the pink panther at least on his front. On his list for next year - suncream...

looking out - lovely and green and even though we have gone at the same time each year it is always different.

Part of the deal is a special lunch - hard to fit everything in - Chef Alit cooked up a superb lunch for us - entree was tuna wrapped with salmon.

The main was chicken - very tasty indeed

and the desert - yes three courses at lunchtime but he did say it was very healthy....

Looking out from the restaurant. it rained every afternoon which we didn't mind at all.

Plodded on today with packaging and packing and think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel - onwards tomorrow but off for a glass of wine in the garden to 'enjoy' the music. If you can't fight it you might as well go with it.


Unknown said...

looks beautiful and relaxing

Heather said...

Stunning holiday pics Dale - no wonder you keep going back there. It looks like Paradise.

A.J said...

Gorgeous! It does look very relaxing. Thanks for sharing your pics for those of use who haven't been there yet it sure looks



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