Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year for 2010

this is a tropical waterlily with a lovely perfume especially for the evenings in the garden. The flowers stand proud.

this is a hardy waterlily

Wishing everyone a fabulous new year - the very best of health, happiness and extra loads of creativity. These wishes also come from my 2 new waterlilies - one happily in new pot, other one in bucket waiting but both happy already. I have removed the water clover to a minor spot since it is not a waterlily and is never going to flower and fed my other waterlily 3 big tablets as it hasn't flowered. I really only went to get 1 waterlily but it was a long drive up the freeway with hundreds of crazy drivers in a hurry to wherever (the grave yard?) so I bought 2 and a bag of tablets for them to eat.

Have a wonderful night - we are staying at home, indulging in our favourite scallop dish and a chicken tandoor on our bbq and champagne. Maybe stay up to midnight - maybe not.

See you in 2010


Judy said...

Dale & Ian,

All the best for New Year to you both and the very best for 2010, beautiful waterlilies, like the sound of your feast, enjoy.

Penny said...

Happy New Year Dale and Ian. Love the waterlilies.
We are going out the back way and over a few hills to friends tonight, 7 of us get together and each brings a course, we are taking cold cucumber and leek soup as it is so hot and some of John's pate.
Maybe the change will get there before we arrive.

Doreen G said...

We are home by ourselves tonight as well--I'm all tuckered out from all the housework.

Unknown said...

Dale, I cannot tell you how much the pics of the waterlilies are appreciated here in the north- we just keep having one blizzard after another!

Julie said...

Happy New Year Dale with everything you wished wished back at you :) The waterlilies are beautiful, I love to see them in flower.

Maggi said...

Such beautiful waterlilies. Here's wishing you both a wonderful 2010.

Heather said...

What gorgeous water lilies Dale - the pink one is similar to ones we can grow in the UK. Have a lovely evening and a very Happy New Year to you and Ian.

Leah said...

what lovely flowers!


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