Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What am I reading in bed?

I am indulging myself reading lovely new cook books - Thai Street Food is a fabulous book with wonderful photos of parts of Thailand for starters. It is so big that when I hold it up in bed to read a few more pages, my arms nearly drop off. David Thompson said in one interview that if you cook 4 dishes from a cook book you are doing okay so I figure that it's okay to indulge. I have his earlier cook book but I haven't cooked from it to be honest. It always seems easier to pop down to one of our favourite Thai restaurants instead.

And I have the first book from MoVida and waiting for the postie to bring the latest one. No wonder we are thinking of a visit to Spain next year - it's a fabulous book. And this one is cookable from. I have lots of cookbooks and I really do love cooking. At this time of the year I am always on the lookout for good salad recipes - simple but super. So we can indulge on our bbq.

And not a cook book at all but Sybella Court's book Etcetera is an inspiration in itself.

And don't forget Paris Tango - Carla Coulson - what a feast for the eyes

I wonder what book I will get for Christmas? Can't have Christmas in the Rollerson house without a book or two.


Heather said...

I love cookery books too, even though I'm always trying not to put on any more weight!! You can't have too many books, can you? Hope you get a super one for Christmas. I know the one I am getting, but haven't looked at it yet. We have a good Thai restaurant in our town and it's a family favourite.

Gill said...

You are a tease, Dale, posting details of such interesting Aussie books which we can't get our hands on instantly! Thai Street Food looks especially good, but I want (?need) to know more about Sibella Court's Etc.

Hard to resist such glorious books as Paris Tango though, isn't it?


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