Thursday, December 10, 2009

a little more west coast nz

It's always me in these photos much to my displeasure (you can see that) but enjoy the bush at Franz Josef

back in that carpark there was a very friendly Kea. Loved being photographed. They pinch anything and there are always notices not to feed them.

We drove into Okarito - my very favourite place. Always inspiring.
Here I am on Okarito Beach - I collected for myself a beautiful big stone - I figured that I had plenty of space in my suitcase for a few stones.

When we left Reefton (forgot to take any pics but it was good to catch up with Ian's rellies - and it looked the same, we drove to Christchurch over the Otira Gorge. Called into Jackson's Tavern for a very nice home made pie - there was lots of other people there enjoying pies and beers in the middle of the day.

Here is the viaduct over the Otira Gorge - just like being in Italy. I haven't been over here since I was a teenager.


Aussie Jo said...

Fantastic photos Dale (and Ian). Were you travelling in the 'Hippie camper' or on the motorbikes?????

Helen said...

I'm going to greymouth for xmas and hope for a trip to the glaciers and to stand on the beach at Okarito. enjoyed your pics v much.


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