Saturday, December 12, 2009

some fossils and flowers

A little more fun using the flower stitcher - I am still on the stonehaven theme but seem to have added some little fossils as well. This top sample has been sprayed with Black Orchid Silver Starburst Spray which is why you can see a shimmer if you enlarge it.

Very hot today and I am hiding in the studio with the air con on - outside a man with a loud mike is 'testing one two three' - I thought he did it all yesterday - yes we have a second Fleetwood Mac concert tonight but we are off out with Eva and Malachy. Grant is down for the weekend so we had breakfast with him this morning and we escaped from the concert last night when we went off to pick him up from the airport.

And a message to all the wonderful participants in the Connections Challenge - I have started sending your work back - I may stop now until the new year just so it doesn't get caught up in the Christmas rush so you should receive them in January. I hope you have all started on your Textile Tantrum.


I am inspired said...

Just found your blog your work is amazing, I have two flower stitches (Don’t ask)
I want to go and dig them out and have a play but it is to cold to move. I am sitting in front of a log fire listening to Christmas songs.

Heather said...

I just love your swirly fossil shapes here and the wonderful photos of your trip to NZ on earlier posts. I haven't been able to leave a comment for days and am trying to remember what you have posted! I daren't leave this box to go and have another look, or I might not get it back again! I like Fleetwood Mac but would prefer Mozart. However, maybe he wouldn't sound so good full blast. I wonder why pop music has to be played so loud - yes, I know I'm getting old.

Penny said...

Havent had time to get back to the floer foot but I will love the way your piece looks so fossily, if that is a word.
We have been cold and drizzly but expect your weather on wednesday if not before.

Sandy said...

It really looks like the fossils I used to hunt in the hills of Montana.


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