Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is one of the cats from next door - we have no idea what its name is but we call it Tinkerbell because it has a bell around its neck. It's a very curious cat and wanders into the house and the studio but is rather wary of us and quite independent. The people who own it next door don't talk to us but they are probably pleased their cat has somewhere to go every day - just as well we like cats. I am not at all sure why people in apartments have animals when there is nothing for them to do over there all day. It arrives about 5am because I hear the tinkle and at night when we are outside we hear it roaming around. This is the closest I could get to take a photo. It has terrorized Mango who also lives next door and we think she simply hides somewhere in the garden each day. This little one is always very busy - Mango just sleeps.

Last night we had a bbq down at the river again - very peaceful

Kazuko on Christmas Day in Sapporo - in the snow. I would have to find winter clothes - all those layers....

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Heather said...

We have neighbours whose cats come into our house and eat our cat's food. There's no stopping them. I love the setting for your BBQ, it looks very relaxing. Kazuko is well wrapped up against the cold - another lovely setting and such a contrast. Happy New Year. Did I say how much I liked that pic of the rocks and rusty bits of metal in your earlier post? I can't remember if I was able to comment on that or not, but the textures and lovely subtle colours are great.


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