Monday, June 29, 2009

wild and wooly weather

The weather is pretty wild here at present - we are watching our trees - very stormy and lots of rain in big downpours. Good weather for staying indoors.

We were waiting to follow Grant in Carnac as they must have GPS on each boat and we could see where he was but the racing was finally cancelled - no wind. Pleased to say he was out training in the very light winds. Rather spectacular really. This is what yachties do when races are postponed - this was yesterday's scene at Carnac.

Heather - Warandyte is a suburb in Melbourne where Jacinta lives. It is one of her original colours she dyed and I love to use it in my rusty stuff. I wanted her to change it to The Claremont Yacht Club Rusty Pylons but lost so I am educating you all in the name for rusty! These are the Warrandyte silk tops - people often forget that rust has wonderful shades of blue in it at times.

Lots of parcels arrived today including the latest CPS which will go out tomorrow and finally after waiting for yonks (and paying for it yonks ago) our shipment of Twinkling H20s and Polished Pigments so we now have all in stock. We were down to about 2 packets of the Twinklings and Ian was worrying that they would never turn up.


Heather said...

Those silk top colours are gorgeous. Our weather is dreadfully humid at present and I am hibernating! I have gatecrashed the teapot blog and like the idea of a jug one. Why does it take so long for some goods to arrive? You would think suppliers would be glad people still want to buy their stuff in the current economic climate.

BT said...

I have popped over from Heather's blog and here she is!! Looks interesting and I'd love to join your workshops when my 'studio' is finished in our three quarters finished extension.....


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