Friday, June 26, 2009

A wet friday

It is so lovely going to bed with rain on the tin roof. And rain bucketing down. The little things that give you pleasure.

You might imagine that I have taken up dyeing again - most definitely not so. Jacinta knows how desperate I always am for stock so she often sends me overnight bags with wet fibres and I lay them out on the table outside and they drive in a jiffy but not at the moment so here is a lovely collection of Kimberley Dreaming and Lapis Lazuli colouring up our kitchen. And some Lime Fizz as well.

And if that isn't enough colour, here is what I have been doing all afternoon - finally organising the silk tissue which Rae has dyed for me. Now you can see why I would never have time to dye.


Heather said...

Those glorious colours Dale. When I'm suffering from artist's block I enjoy just looking at lovely yarns, threads and fabrics. Glad you have some rain. Even though we in the UK long for warm weather plenty of times, it isn't long before we are glad of some more rain!

Sandy said...

You don't need to dye with her lovely colors. What fun to play with all of it.

BT said...

Oh what sumptious colours Dale. I love the ones drying and the silk tissue. Beautiful.


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