Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarina

Happy Birthday Sarina - hope you and Frank are having a great day up in Cairns. We will get there one day. I need to take a photo next time you are in Perth so I can post it here!Here is a pic of Perth in winter....

Forgot the camera last night but we had a nice bbq at Grant's - we are the chief custodians so it is a very nice weekender or weekdayer or whatever.

Off to Melbourne this afternoon so if you are coming to Paperific do come and say hello - I am planning to do lots of demoing and maybe finish some of the things i have started. A wonderful parcel full of Angelina fusible film arrived today - thanks Annette


Heather said...

That's a beautiful photo of Perth with that dramatic sky setting it all off. Have a good time at Paperific. I am hoping to get back to Ratty Tatty's as soon as I have caught up with other commitments.


Gorgeous photo of Perth Dale.I had forgot about Paperific...have a great time and glad the parcel got to you before you left


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