Sunday, June 28, 2009

teapot day

I thought I would make it blog teapot day today sitting by another bunch of my roses - I do love them and since they cost around $7 each time i buy them I reckon that's okay. We are not really tea drinkers - just the occasional herbal tea but I am rather fond of this one. We had a student at one stage who put my beautiful big pottery teapot on the element and while it didn't break up, it cannot hold tea anymore so I got this one instead.

I think a blog jug day is coming up soon - what do you think?

It is still raining a lot but we did manage to get out for a walk and coffee and I run to the studio inbetween the downpours. It really is lovely.


Heather said...

Love your teapot Dale, and I love jugs too so I'll join in the posts if I may. Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog. I need an Aussie dictionary - what does Warrandyte mean? Enjoy your rain - I think we have more to come so am glad to have got quite a bit done on the garden today. It's very humid and I'm bushed.

Viv Estill said...

Great teapot Dale - I added my Shelley one to my blog

Viv Estill said...

And yes - a jug day sounds great!

BT said...

Love that teapot. Can anyone join in? I love jugs too but a lot of mine are packed away until the work is finished. If ever it is!

Judy said...


Love the teapot, no I covet the teapot (I'm a tea drinker) love the red roses too.


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