Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wet tuesday

What a bonus - rain and cool - it actually makes you think you might really be in winter. This is Perth from the South Perth foreshore - it's not a big city at all in case you thought it was - tonight we are off to Spaghi since I forgot to go to the butcher and it is in South Perth and we will walk along the foreshore and look across to this sight after dinner.

Sarah's new book arrived just before we went to Melbourne so I took half of the order with me and sold them all as I thought I would. Have had to order some more. It has taken a long time to get to Australia - I haven't been able to import it this time - just had to wait but worth a wait and not because she is a mate..... it's on our website. It was high time someone wrote a comprehensive book on silk paper.

We also received (I read in the paper today that there is a suggestion that the 'i before e' rule be abandoned in schools) a shipment of our new heavy metallic threads - metallic and rayon wrapped around a papery core - 30 colours - I loved the samples for wrappings and stuff. Just working out how best to package them. I am also very busy working on The Holey Moley Club - the requirements are nearly ready to email out and the draw for the big prize for signing up before 5th June will be on Saturday. I have also loaded new dates for Embellish Stitch Enrich and Ratty Taty Papers - this time I am allowing 2 weeks a lesson. You can read about that on our website. And amazingly - my roll of 70gsm Lutradur arrived as well after a 3 month holiday on the high seas I think. We have reduced the price a little and now have plenty of stock. It's the best weight for journals and goes well with the light and the heavy for layering.

Time to finish work for the day and maybe tomorrow I can go play in the studio.....


Heather said...

I'm not really a lover of cities but Perth looks very inviting. Sarah Lawrence's book is fantastic - I treated myself to a copy recently. Your new metallic threads sound interesting. Hope your Lutrador enjoyed it's cruise! I've just bought some of the heavy weight but not had time to try it out yet. Hope you have time to play tomorrow.

Penny said...

I fell off the dining room table last night and have messed up my already messed up right knee, an absolute pain as the sewing machine and my knee at the moment dont like each other.
John is telling every one I wanted to fly, problem is the book I wanted is almost at ceiling level and some how, well old ladies shouldnt fall off tables and I suppose I am lucky I didnt break anything. I think I will need some of that Lutradur, the trouble with not being able to move freely is I think of more things I want to do!
Great view of the city.

Annie said...

Enjoy the rain and I wish we could see the Perth skyline more often, and it is a welcome site after a seven hour trip. Please can I also have a copy of the book.


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