Monday, June 22, 2009

Back home again in Perth

Here we are back in Perth - and here I am flat out at the computer answering the emails and preparing to be filling orders today and unpacking. It was lovely to be in Melbourne - we managed to spend the first morning roaming around and then at night catching up with friends and rellies. Paperific is quite a small show and different from the usual hectic scene and it was lovely to see all those customers who we normally don't get much of a chance to catch up with. I took the camera but only took one photo and that was at breakfast before the show even started.

on the other hand - here are all of us at the airport when Kaz and Bruce flew off to Japan.

On Saturday night we settled into our apartment and watched the two rugby games. Very pleased and relieved that the ABs won - in atrocious conditions in Wellington.

Off to work and unpacking and ordering. I have a few things to chase up today in the way of new goodies - going away gives me time to think and lots of emails to answer.


Helen said...

atrocious? rubbish. just a typical Wellington mid winter day!! (but it sure was cold and wet!)

Heather said...

You certainly work hard and play hard Dale, but I suppose all that travelling time does give you a chance to think. Glad it all went well and you enjoyed everything. Love the photo.

Ro Bruhn said...

I wish I'd been able to visit Dale but I had a workshop on at home. A couple of my students brought their beautiful silk cocoon purchases from you, to make me drool. I'll have to visit your internet store.

Penny said...

Great to catch up Dale. I am loving Sarah Lawrence's silk paper book, it is brilliant.
Actually I rather liked the smaller less frenetic time at Paperific and caught up with several people I hadnt thought would be there.
The Dali exhibition was great, very comprehensive and interesting. Any one in Melbourne go visit.


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