Thursday, June 04, 2009

lovely rain - it must be autumn

I thought I took lots of pics in Brisbane or maybe they were all so bad that Ian deleted them. I surely didn't have time to take any pics on Friday - I couldn't even get in to tidy things up so I took my photos on Sunday - Sunday being Sunday.

Here is the lovely Lisa posing in front of the Connections exhibition - being the judge I thought we should have her -- I can't see your lipstick though Lisa which was so carefully applied. That is something I always forget at shows - take it with me to put on and never ever do and then months later find the tube in the bottom of my handbag.

This is the stand on Sunday - had a wee chance to move things around - on Friday there were so many people on the stand I simply couldn't get in to do anything. I had to ask a customer if she would climb under the table and pull out more flimsies and the minute I added them to the basket they were snapped up and sold.

Looking across our piazz to the ATASDA stand - the layout of the show was excellent and you had looking vistas rather than loads of just trading stalls. And we were at the end of row which is how we like it.

Here I am hiding behind Carol Wilkes and Sharyn Hall - I can see that Carol has been shopping - it was great to catch up with her. Maybe we will take up your offer Carol and come visit and play.

On my roams I snapped Lisa and Peter at Dyed and Gone to Heaven - always full of wonderful hand dyed fabrics and those beads...well....

As usual when we go away we are pretty busy but we have had some lovely rain especially at night. Last night we went out to celebrate Val's birthday as she gets younger - and by not being here when it really was, it extends it!

I wrote the newsletter on the flight home on Monday so it will be ready today and i had time to make a few drawings and notes while we were away so I am off to play with them later today once I have packaged a heap of Angelina.


Judy said...


Looks and sound as if your had a great time in Brisbane.

Heather said...

Your stand looks so tempting - I would have spent too much if I'd been there. Dyed and Gone to Heaven is well named too! Enjoy your rain, we've got some to come this weekend so we are told.

Paula Hewitt said...

well I wish Id gone sunday, instead of Friday. everytime i looked at your stand you were at least 6 deep. I fought my way to the front a couple of times to buy stuff, but didnt get the good look around I was hoping for! it seemed like a very successful show - the best show of its kind Ive been too, and i hope it is organised again

Fibrenell said...

Thanks for all the photos, Dale. For those of us who couldn't manage up it's nice to get some idea and the impression of ATASDA's display. Great to hear you were mobbed!

Digitalgran said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the show. Nice to see Carol Wilkes is still around.
Are Bruce and Kazuko going to be staying on in Japan?

I'm coming to Ally Pally this year, so we can say 'hello'.


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