Tuesday, June 09, 2009

time for a little play

I received this wonderful book in the post today - all paper - unbelievable and everything is so exquisite. Giving me loads of ideas. Paper Illusions is its name.

And this is one of my playings for Paperific next week. Tomorrow I need to pack the boxes so the palette can go on Friday morning. We have had lots of emails from people saying they are coming which will be lovely. I am not bringing lots of threads by the way - lots of goodies we don't usually take to shows because of space constraints etc - I am also hoping to do plenty of demos throughout the show.

For all those who have asked - Bruce and Kazuko had a one way ticket to Japan and plan to stay for a couple of years. Bruce's Japanese should improve I would suspect.

Few exciting parcels arriving this week along with the book which was a bonus for me. thr3fold no 4 has arrived as well. They really are beautifully presented.


Heather said...

Paper Illusions sounds amazing and the fleece/fibres look like a lovely exotic flower. Good luck with the latest show. Those thr3fold books are so tempting - I shall have to give in eventually!

Sandy said...

That book looks intriquing as does the piece.

Penny said...

Love the look of the book, but then I am a sucker for all books. I will be in Melbourne on the Friday so hope to get to see you so long as we have no more dramas with my mother. She doesnt look very good.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know how you made that
"paper" flower Dale. It is beautiful.


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