Saturday, June 06, 2009

our wee iris

While we were away in Brisbane, our iris bush had a heap of flowers - this is the only one out today - it is a lovely little bush which has been here outside the back door since we came here - Barbara used to sleep in it and Bruce reckons she prevented many flowers from growing but i know they come out in sympathy as she died here one morning. The irises are lovely and I always draw them every year. I don't seem to get any better at it though.

Last night we took Bruce and Kazuko out to dinner as they are off to Japan tomorrow - tonight we are having a bbq at their place before we watch the Baa Baas play the Wallabies.


Heather said...

What a lovely little iris - so delicate and the perfect design to fit into a triangle. The colouring is so pretty too.

Ev said...

I love irises I think it has something to do with being my middle name (which I hated for a long time till I found that the word translated as rainbow).

You are the only other person except my father who I have heard mention Baa Baas, usually people give me a sideways look when I say it.


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