Saturday, November 10, 2007

a little more Marrakech

This poor little donkey had a fair load to carry. Ian has just made his weights heavier and I feel a little like the donkey when I lift them....

Djemaa el Fna - the main square. On day 1 it took us ages to find it - we walked all over the place until finally Voila! I read that it is a world heritage spot. A huge square - full of stands with fresh orange juice, and heaps of wonderful fruit - dates, figs, almonds for starters. We saw lots of citrus and olive trees when we went to the Atlas mountains. There are also snake charmers and henna painters and in the evening many new stalls appear - food - they cook up all manner of goodies - we ate there one night. And the other thing we enjoyed were the story tellers - surrounded by crowds - we couldn't understand a thing but you get the idea - the story is dramatic! Off the square is the myriad of souks where it is easy to get lost.

We spent a decadent hour going on a horse and cart ride - all round town and out of the city walls. Our driver was quite informative and invited Ian to take a photo when we got back to the square again.

This is a beautiful gate we passed. Gather it isn't much used but it was beautiful. More of those patterns again.

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Guzzisue said...

That gate is amazing, bet your sketch book is full to bursting with all the patterns and colour of Marrakech.


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