Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Stuff

Must be the day after such excitement of the election results. It isn't hot temperature wise but it must be very humid and we are quite listless so on a go slow in operations. I have been continuing on my flower postcards for my workshop next weekend and have also started a Flower book in one of my Khadi rag books. i have a pile of samples so thought it appropriate to give them a home and some semblance. This one is an Evolon flower. This one a paper napkin flower - the flowers on top have been dipped in clear UTEE

This one is a copper tissue flower card.

Have to get up bright and early in the morning to clean up the studio - Bruce is coming to take photos in the afternoon - it's high time for a big sort out!


Anonymous said...


Your flower postcards are coming along super hope the workshop goes well.


joanlil said...

Love the flowers Dale.
Are you keeping this only for NZ or might we get a look at them some time?


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