Monday, November 12, 2007


Yesterday was so hot and horrible that I reckon we must have been struck with first day of heat-ite-is or semi sunstroke from working in the garden or whatever. We were in bed at 9pm and I was so exhausted. Kept the air con on for most of the night. It was supposed to be 39 today but whatever it was, it was lovely this evening. You want to try packaging Angelina in the heat - it sticks to your fingers and refuses to go into the bag.....

Bruce and Kazuko have been growing things in their garden and these squash are a gift from them - these ones have been cooked on the bbq tongight on skewers with other goodies and they were yummy.

Here is Ian lighting the bbq - we have a hibachi which, believe you me, can churn out food for many. No fancy gizmos needed here. If you look behind Ian you can see one of the hydrangeas which has survived the being away period. They are all thriving and ready to flower.

One thing about the weather, Maggie, is that once you have certain weather where you live, you tend to totally forget what it might be anywhere else in the world. I think we just know we might be in for one of those long hot summers. Global warming, while we ignore it, is very much a part of our lives.

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Doreen G said...

We also have a hibachi and cooked a meal for 4 people on it without any problems.and the good thing is they don't take up much room either.


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