Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I have been up for a long time today - think I first got up at 4am which was a bit early even though I had plenty to do. The latest Quilting Arts finally arrived having been in Customs for a week - if only the correct documents would come with the shipment it would make all of our lives easier. Here's hoping for the next issue. But we worked very hard and got them all out by the end of the day. There is a lovely article from Sara Lechner whose work I have always admired.

Here is today's flower postcard - not quite finished as it needs some hand stitching - yesterday's has gone to new pastures. They are both similar - embellished background using 3 different colours of scrim which Rae has just sent me all brightly dyed as per my special request and the tiny flowers are using the flower stitcher (of course...) Yesterday's had embellished velvet flowers - today's has a water soluble paper flower.

Last night Bruce took seemingly 100s of photos of the studio (and even some with me in them which he and Ian thought were up to their usual awful standard. The upshot is that I have a superbly tidy studio but one still has lots of work in progress and lots of inspiring things to see.
Today I held the slats for the fence so Ian could nail them back onto the fence and it looks like they never fell off although there is lots of tree debris in the garden and I have to face the fact that other branches have to be chopped down.

Wow - this is the first time I have loaded a picture which won't blow up when you click on it - I have even scanned it twice and reloaded it. Must be meant to remain small.


Debbi Baker said...

Hi Dale - Just catching up on all your posts this week - the flowers/postcards are all so pretty and very interesting technique wise! Have a wonderful time in NZ.

Cathie said...

Hi Dale. I love Sara's work also and was thrilled to see her in Quilting Arts. Your flower postcards are wonderful, as are your photographs.


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