Sunday, November 11, 2007

hot hot hot

It was said to be 36 today but I wouldn't be surprised if it was hotter than that. Not a good day to be trying to fill a skip! I spent some time in the front garden pulling out weeds and Ian in the back digging dirt until I got covered with sand or something when we decided to change the bins. Then I retreated to the studio to get some of my samples for my NZ workshop done. The topic is Postcards and the theme is Flowers- it's hard trying to decide what to do when you can't take heaps of stuff. I got 3 made so that's a start. I also had an entirely disastrous making of a distressed piece so I have to start all of that again. Never before has polycotton not burnt away with the heat gun..... This is an embellisher flower postcard

This one uses some lovely paper I found somewhere - oiled parts and stuff.

Maybe it will be cooler tomorrow - we had forgotten how horrible it is.


Ann Christine Dennison said...

These are really wonderful, a great idea too. Love those designs and colours.

Here in Denmark its cold, around 3C in the evenings, I seem to be cold all the time because I have lost weight brrrrrrr.

Maggie Grey said...

Hey, Dale

We've had a frost today but the sun is lovely. Like the pcs.


Great flowers!


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