Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday's Flower

Here is my next flower card but I won't tell you how I made this one is suffice to say that I used the dear little flowers Beryl Taylor gave me and I will have to email her and see if she will send me some more. Another for Wanaka and I don't want them to know yet..... I have lots of different techniques for my class and most I will create into flower cards. Yesterday was 39.8 - no wonder it felt hot. Today was hot but not so bad. Always a nasty start to the summer. Our new gates at the back have been installed so it all gets better bit by bit. We didn't quite full the skip before they took it away and there is still dirt to move but maybe on cooler days we can fill the big rubbish bin bit by bit.

Lois came to visit yesterday and brought her wonderful photos of Granada and Barcelona and Paris - now we are thinking mmmmmm.......... next year? The similarity of some of the patterns to Marrakech (and Istanbul from a few years back) were all very interesting.

Tomorrow we are off to Melbourne in the afternoon for the Australian Quilt Market - a trade show.

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