Friday, November 23, 2007

Flakes and stuff

Working on my postcards today - but here are some of the new flakes - this one trapped in between black Gossamer Fuse and black chiffon scarf - stitched with gold on top and copper on bottom in flower shapes and zapped with the heat gun. This one - flakes in between white Gossamer Fuse and coloured chiffon scarves and zapped as well
These make great little crunchies and I shall attach them to one postcard.
Very hot here and going to continue tomorrow. Hope everyone in Australia remembers to vote. for the first time since we were students, we are actually doing something - working for Get Up in Stirling - in the middle of the day - in the heat - so must remember to take our hats and water bottles. Tonight and tomorrow night we are having a barbecue in the back garden.

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Anonymous said...

Re your last post: I can so imagine the metallic flakes going everywhere as you opened the box. I had a young staff member. I went to the toilet while she put a new toner cartridge in the photocopier. A voice yells out "do not come out of the toilet - please". But M, what's happening? "Pleeeeease do not come out". Yep, she had opened the toner cartidge and that super super fine powder was everywhere, and man oh man do I mean everywhere LOL


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