Friday, November 02, 2007

Friday stuff

We brought back heaps of lovely big wooden printing blocks from London - these are all set out on the lounge floor - all different and lots of work for Ian to add to the web. They are mostly in paisley or flower types - I am busy studying them to see which one I will have for myself. Too hard is the decision. Another yummy find. Click on them to see a better pic. They are $12 each.

I have my paper casting of the cake thingies drying in the sun - yes Penny - you will have to rush off to your local souk - cheap as chips if I recall!

We went to San Marco last night where Luigi and Martine gave me a huge bag of chocolate wrappers - the foiled sort - just right for using with ideas from This Lustr'ed Cloth. I think Luigi has been eating a lot of chocs for me....

Some of you will remember the drama we had with UPS (Useless Parcel Service) at Ally Pally a couple of years ago when they did not deliver our stuff until finally less than an hour before the show opened. Well, they have been 'holding' our Cloth Paper Scissors since last Saturday pretending they didn't know our phone number or email address.... How useless can one be? Especially when they still phone us trying to get us back to using them again...... A lot of our energy has been directed in discussing this with them this morning - ever hopeful that the mags will arrive this afternoon so we can start getting some of them out. In the meantime I am working in the studio. I will be back.....

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