Thursday, November 22, 2007

still running like crazy

Have you ever been surrounded and covered by layers and layers of metallic flakes? We have just had a huge shipment of 8 different colours of them - I thought they would all be in plastic bags inside the boxes but the first one I opened was loose! Heaven forbid - they got everywhere. I have spent this morning decanting a fair amount and this is blatant advertising - there is 4 times as much in each jar for $11 as opposed to our little jars of gold and silver for $9.90! There is gold, silver, copper (at last) and 5 different combinations. Ian should have them on the web pretty soon (although he does have his usual backlog of stuff to do). Wonderful for the usual gilding things but also super for trappings and adding to almost everything - as I packed, Ian ran behind me with the vacuum cleaner - they certainly do cling to your skin and I found a little flake in my sandwich at lunchtime.....

I haven't made it much into the studio as yet this week but should be able to get some work done tomorrow - I need to.... Our sofas have ome back home all newly covered, new springs and looking beautiful. They should last for at least another 15 years. A brave new colour scheme which seems to fit in quite easily.

While we were in Melbourne, our new lawn was laid on the verge. If you are a visitor you will know it has been rather bleak for a while but so far it is looking great - Ian is busy sweeping up the leaves. He keeps popping out to see how it is going.

And to make a third thing, these are our new double gates at the back into our right-of-way. The flats etc next door are finally completed and are open for viewing on Saturday - next task for us is to get a sail for the last bit of privacy.

I have just finished reading Janet Frame's posthumous book - Towards Another Summer. She wrote it in 1963 but stipulated that it not be published during her lifetime. It is very personal and a brilliant write. I have been reading Janet Frame for a very long time - my feeling is that she is NZ's greatest writer.

Finally - the netball. Shame about the Silver Ferns' loss but it was a fabulous game to watch. They are both such even teams but I do feel Liz Ellis made the final difference. So well done the Aussies. I couldn't believe that it wasn't shown live in Australia - the land of sport but obviously only blokes sport....
I have also added a pic on my embellishment blog of the Merrylock whic Kates Sewing Centre in Melbourne is selling. It's a good value machine which I had use of at Geelong from Jacinta. I should also tell you that we have had lots of other exciting goodies this week - little wooden charms - hands/feet/hearts in petite and grande and little charm faces. Great for adding to your wild women akka Sarah Lawrence style or even your little embellished houses my style.


Doreen G said...

Looks like Ian has swept all the leves into the gutter.
And were you eating a fish(flake) sandwich at the time Dale.(sorry)

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Oh you and me together. I love the writing of Janet Frame! Now I willhave to find that book.

Danielle D said...

The flakes in your lunch made me laugh - I wonder if we have a lot of mica and sparkly stuff accumulated inside us over the years

Anonymous said...

Hi! Dale,

Thanks for sharing Janet Frames book, I have read all her work but was unaware of this one. Love the clour of your sofas, and the grass on the verge looks so neat.



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