Sunday, November 04, 2007

Lazy weekend

The weather has been glorious and we are enjoying our barbeque once more and the extra hour in the evening which daylight saving gives us. So we have had a reasonably lazy weekend and gone nowhere, not even gardened - tut tut.

Ian has finally sent my pics from Marrakech across so I thought I would share some. This is the entrance to our bedroom in the riad - there were 4 rooms on the first floor - over the balcony you could look down into the pool on the ground floor. If you look above you will see the roof is open - it had a very natty system to close up when needed for shade or rain .

Ian reading his maps - still trying to sort out the sun situation in the northern hemisphere.

This photo is of the beautiful screen and doors in our room which led into the bathroom

into here - the hand basin and such divine tiny taps

also in the bathroom there were shelves and a gorgeous little window which you could open - I loved the way the light came in.

Up on the roof wher we had breakfast in the morning and a glass of wine at night

The view from our roof - see all the satellite dishes - Ian sorted out that he could use them for a compass whenever he was lost. With views like this why would you want to be anywhere else?

Finally to show I have done something creative, here is today's rust page - I have stitched a piece and distressed it - a good fragment. I have also fianlly got my scanner working properly so I have started on my digitwise module 4 at last.

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Penny said...

wonderful photos Dale and both you and Ian look very relaxed.


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