Sunday, December 11, 2011

new resolution before the real ones....

This little cat, Harley, has nocturnal habits which need to change. She is still sleeping in the fireplace but comes out in the wee hours of the night for attention, Exhausting stuff. Anyway we have been clearing out our bedroom in readiness for painting and thrown out mountains of stuff. Like a box of videos - does anyone own a video player these days? Some we kept and popped in another box and down to the cellar they went. My clothes rack has gone to my studio which means I have to go up there to decide what to wear each day. Ian has been vacuuming and Harley has now hidden herself in the antique wardrobe where all of Ian's jerseys are - little does she realise that that will be going too along with the sideboard - why we have a sideboard in our bedroom is a mystery. Anyway the new us in the bedroom is what we are giving ourselves for Christmas.

 I have started popping sample photos on my Workshop page - this is using Romeo - will add more in the next day or two. The workshops are actually filling up quite well.

Yesterday we went off to Howard's Storage and bought a shelf system for the office and got lots of stuff off the floor and into organisation. Then we visited a shop and found some wonderful Chinese doors/gates for the side of our house. Had to come back and measure the spot but we think they will do nicely. So it is all go go here.

I have loaded another taster in the taster tag - hope you enjoy it. Off back to the studio to carry on with my hand stitching.


Ro Bruhn said...

This piece looks fabulous Dale, such gorgeous colours.
I love the silk string I bought from you, I've used some in my latest felt piece, the colours sing.
Good luck with your decorating, something we desperately need to do.

Heather said...

Love that Romeo sample. Harley will have to re-organise herself by the sound of it, though I suppose the chimney space will still be vacant.
Good luck with all your improvement plans and I hope you remember where everything is after you have put it in it's new home!

Judy said...


Oh! How I hate painting having to move everything, puts me right off. Harley could take a couple of weeks to settled, she will probably find one or two places she like best and evenually stick to them. We have stillgot a Video recorder, which we use, also a new set up which "Moth" says he cant work out right now, but when they switch of analog TV he'll have to shift himself, we must be among the dinosaurs I think. Lovely piece you've done with Romeo.

mycamerandme365 said...

We still use our video tape player Dale. Sue M


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