Thursday, December 15, 2011

new restaurant

Last night we went to a fabulous new Chinese Restaurant in our area - the fat Dragon. Very good food and lovely staff. We shall go back. Yummy - now we have avery good Italian, French, Vietnamese and Chinese all pretty close - well we have to drive to the Italian. Not to mention Cantina which I love and there will be a new Mexican coming soon as well. too spoilt for choice.

Today I found out that Workbox magazine ceased to function some months back. I had wondered why I hadn't been hassled for an ad, nor received my magazine. I always enjoyed it and when I thought about it, I didn't see them at Ally Pally either.

We are finally up to date with orders after our little NZ break - I am frantically stitching for an article whihc has to be finished tomorrow. And still looking at a long list without ticks. Time to think about the Christmas shopping not to mention ordering the meat. Oh dear - all that work to do.

Santa, the fireplace cat, aka Harley - is still busy in the fireplace during the day and out and about at night. Must change habits soon.....


Maggi said...

I hadn't heard about Workbox closing down. A pity as it was probably the only magazine over here that covered a range of crafts. Pity they didn't advertise themselves better - I always had to hunt around for any copies.

Heather said...

I hadn't heard about Workbox either.
What a great excuse for starting to look like a Fat Dragon!! I'd be the first to break the weighing machine.
There's still a week to go - you'll get it all done.


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