Friday, December 23, 2011

decadent desert day

Yes - I did finally get the tree up and it will stay for longer to make up for it. Puny - of course - we have had this little number for around 42 years and it cost $3.99. Attempts to change for another - bigger, better, more this and that, have been greeted with a firm no from all. It's like a friend apparently - even the time I put it up and it blew over in the wind and nobody - yes nobody - bothered to rescue it. Now to add the presents - they all seem to be for Kaz at this stage - apart from the big white one.

Today has been decadent desert day - I have made the 3 layers of Cassata and the Icecream and the cake mixer is feeling rather overworked. It only comes out at Christmas time. Pavlova tomorrow. In fact we are very laid back about the whole event and we seem to be on target for organisation.

Very saddened for everyone we know (and those we don't know) in Christchurch. Another earthquake is not what they need at present.

For those who are waiting patiently - I have loaded a Christmas Recipe tag but remember I take no repsonsibility for your over indulgence. I shall have enough problems with my own.

Harley had the riot act read to her last night and I am pleased to report that she didn't venture into her fireplace until late morning today. Becoming a real cat at last.


Doreen G said...

It's "Annorexias" little sister--my Christmas tree is exactly the same only bigger and we have had ours a little bit longer than you.
How cool is that-I never thought that I would see another tree like "Annorexia" and to think it lives at your house.
Happy Christmas to you both and what the heck Dale eat as much as you like-and save a bit of Aussie Pav for me please.

Ro Bruhn said...

Must try the cassata recipe. I'm making two pavs today, my recipe uses four egg whites but only one cup of caster sugar, so does this mean I can have two pieces. Have a lovely Christmas and thanks for the recipes and all of the inspiration during the year.

Judy said...


Lovely little tree, looks about the vintage of ours. HHope you ,Ian and the family enjoy tomorrow, also trust you'll have a bit of break during festive season. Merry Christmas to Harley as well.


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