Saturday, December 24, 2011

'tis the night before......

Christmas Roses all ready for tomorrow. We were up bright and early off to get the seafood, the meat, the vegies, the fruit and anything else I could think of in readiness for the big eat up tomorrow.

One pavlova just out of the oven waiting to be decorated in the morning. It sinks once it is out of the oven in the air and by the time it has cream and kiwifruit and strawberries added you won't recognise it. my trusty 40 year old cake mixer is back in the cupboard after a lot of work. I must say it is still in fabulous working order - a Sunbeam. I used to say when I was 21 I wanted a set of suitcases but I changed my mind and asked my parents for a cake mixer instead.

I have packaged loads of wool and slushies and caps and stuff which arrived late last night and was planning to do some creating and maybe post a taster this afternoon but I got lazy and decided to read my book.

Thanks for all the wonderful Christmas wishes - our wishes to you all. May you sleep in, eat and drink too much, talk and laugh too much and snore when you go to sleep. That's tomorrow I mean....

Harley is turning into quite a cat - pottering around the house and only popped into her cave for a few hours today. She has a wee parcel under the Christmas tree.


Shane Pollard said...

Happy Christmas Dale

Sad news of another quake in Christchurch today.

The pohutukawas are out now so at last it really feelsd like Christmas!


Heather said...

Your roses are gorgeous and the pavlova already has the Wow factor. Glad you took time out to read your book before the frenzy of Christmas, and I hope Harley likes her pressy.

Julie said...

YOur Christmas Day is in full swing by now so I hope you're having a great time. Merry Christmas!


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