Tuesday, December 20, 2011

getting closer

Okay-  another day has past by - we have eaten all the practice cassata -I will post the recipe in a new tag because lots of people have asked for it. Then I will get ready to make the real one for Sunday. Our Christmas tree is still not up but we have our present to us sitting where it will be..... And I have done some Christmas shopping and we have sent the Christmas cards. Not many these days but it is a long time habit - especially getting one from Mr Greenbank this year on his horse if you don't mind.

Tonight we are going out with Val and Jim and we will see what Jim got up to - he came off his bike at 30k an hour and crashed into a tree and spent time in hospital - this was while we were in NZ. I think he may have decided his biking days are over. I knew there was a reason I stopped riding my bike - apart from the fact that I haven't seen it for 20 years.

The other night we watched Tim Minchin vs the Sydney Symphony Orchestra on the ABC. it was really fantastic - he has so much going on in his head - quite amazing - great words and more.

I have finished my 12 x 12 piece - just deciding how to bind it but in the meantime I have started another piece - silk fibre based - on Provence. It is going to be quite different and it is to be 12 x 12 too. This discipline will kill me.

We have loaded the new on-line workshops - well - not new topics - I will have a new one about Feb/Mar - just working on it.


Robin Mac said...

I've just been catching up on your last few posts. I am glad Harley is settling at last - she looks very comfy on the couch. Your cassata looks very yummy and moreish - enjoy your Christmas, even if you never get to put up your tree - what would Harley think of the tree anyway? Cheers

Judy said...


Tim Minchin is just great love his shows. Glad the cassata recipe will be up. No trees in our house our Siamese Harry either eats the pine needles, the artifical tree or the tinsel and either way is sick everywhere, so tinsel high up is the only concession Christmas. Its good none the less.

Heather said...

Hope you manage to get your tree up. You won't need an angel or fairy for the top if Harley obliges and comes out of the chimney!
Looking forward to seeing the new 12"x12" piece. I don't know how you find time to fit in your own work with everything else that has to be done, but very glad that you do.


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