Thursday, December 29, 2011

nothing like a split head

I have been a little groggy today - last night I tripped over a box in the passage and crashed into a metal stand making a large gash in my forehead - so much blood. It's not really my scene. Thank goodness for Ian to the rescue with flannels and clean specs and band aids. Now it is bruised and sore. And thank goodness for Ian's new coffee grinder which Kaz and Bruce gave him for Christmas.

There is a sort of golden window opportunity of postal things at this time of the year - yesterday and today and then I don't think until Tuesday so we have had our share of parcels. CPS #40 arrived and they have all gone out tonight - we have a few left if anyone wants one. A box with 24 new foil colours arrived today - very yummy - there are new colours as we know it, but also matte ones which will be lovely and a heap of interesting holographic ones. I shall start playing with them when I get a moment. And we also got a new shipment of our lovely merino wool. It usually comes in 10 kilo bales but this time Ian thinks they weighed about 50 kilos - I am not sure what is going to happen when I break them open. Merino everywhere.

Even though we have been selling it since October, we have only just loaded the Zeelon onto the web. I know lots of people have already bought it so I am not sure how it missed out for so long. It takes acid dyes and basically anything I have thrown at it - these are coloured with Starburst Sprays - surprise surprise.

And we also got a big pile of new stencils - same size as our other ones so they fit into the scheme of things really well and we will combine the deal of any 5 and any 10 - this one is one of the 4 cathedral ones and it is Paris - after my heart.

Harley is becoming more at home and loves any dark tiny places where she might be able to hide other than her fireplace. If a drawer is open an inch, she is nosing inside. We caught her (sadly missed a photo) swinging on her front paws looking into our crockery cupboard with her back paws off the floor. She goes outside the back but always with a close eye on her rapid retreat path.

Yesterday it was 39.9 here and today got very hot but has eased off although very nuggy. Summer must be here - just so pleased it was cooler for Christmas Day.

I have been spending my time working on the ancestry thing - send me so many emails I thought why not - and I have disovered that my great granny Celia Prideaux Barret comes from the Prideux family which I have traced back to 1050. Now that is excitng. No wonder I love the Bayeaux Tapestry and the Normans and the like.


Julie said...

I hope it wasn't my wool you fell over? I ended up with my first black eye 4 weeks ago. And it is no fun so I can empathize with you! x Julie

Heather said...

Hope your head will soon stop hurting - it doesn't seem to have held you back from getting on with things.
All your new goodies look very tempting - I haven't tried that new fabric and CPS looks interesting as always.
How exciting to be able to trace your family so far back in time.

Doreen G said...


Maggi said...

Ouch, sounds painful, hope you feel better soon. The zeelon looks gorgeous in those colours.

Ali Honey said...

I'm sorry to hear you have a sore head( and not from over endulging either ) Hope Ian is keeping an eye on you in case you were concussed. ( that is your 2nd fall I think? )
Your ancestory finds are very exciting!
Take care now and Happy New Year to you both.
It is p.....g down here in NZ. ( which is the perfect excuse for being lazy )

Sandy said...

I hope you are OK and can take it easy a bit.

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Sorry to hear of your accident, hope it heals quickly, your busy life is happening even before New Year. I will however look forward to my CPS, which would not be coming my without you and Ian working like mad to get them to the post. Haven't caught up with Zeelon sounds fun to play with will have to give it some thought in New Year. Cats love cupboards and draws and our's like boxes as well, has to have two kitcken cupboards open one at each end and if they aren't we hear about it; glad Harley is settling in. Your ancestory is a long one, keep at it you never know what you will find. Rest your poor head now and them, all work no play they say.


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