Friday, December 16, 2011

it's Friday at last

I had lots of excitements today - first a parcel of Hurricanes shoelaces from Rebecca - thank you so much - everyone knows the 'Canes are my team although I have been unhappy the way things happened this year and I do not like the coach and would prefer it if they sent him back to the South Island. But I have decided to stay with them with my support for 2012 - Ian as usual will be wandering chasing the golden egg. So I now have my own Hurricanes shoelaces - I shall have to do something more than just wear them in my shoes, Rebecca!

My other excitement is a product which we have been selling since 2000 but which I have had to buy through a middle man so to speak. I have been trying to find it myself since 2000 and was becoming quite desperate since the middle man has decided to retire and not import any more. Ian can vouch for the hours I have spent on the net searching. This morning I got an email from a company who sell it and this afternoon I have ordered and paid for a shipment and shall sit and wait patiently - you would after 12 years! It has been a popular and big seller for us and I am so excited to have finally cracked it. Ian says the champagne is in the fridge.
I have also been indulging in wonderful books - Tasting India - you may not cook from it (although I do intend to tomorrow) but the photographs are absolutely wonderful.

and Al Brown's Stoked is also well worth it - and I have already tried something from this. I am chasing another cookbook as well which looked glorious but I haven't heard from them. Must try again.

India Flint's new book Second Skin arrived yesterday as well. Very valid book and India's philosophy shines through. I am enjoying the little I have read.

Naturally we haven't done anything like put the Christmas tree up, or order the meat, or buy presents but there are a few days left. Our main present to ourselves will be the painting etc of the bedroom but in our usual manner it will take a while. It sure is tidy and empty of lots of stuff right now though. I think we may have to move our bed into the lounge while we paint.

Harley is getting braver and slightly more relaxed although she is still sleeping in her fireplace during the day. Last night we were sitting outside and she came out for an explore - very brave. Then she went for a wander around the side and next door's cat which is ever so unfriendly and she - got into a fight. Ian was worried but Harley came back indoors far less panicky than every other day. And settled down in the lounge like she had always been there.

even cleaning herself like all good cats should. So we weren't kept awake at night and I think she was out and about in the house while we slept and she didn't wake me up. It must be pretty traumatic being moved to a new home without explanation so we are hoping it means she is becoming all settled and discoverig we are pretty boring.


Heather said...

I'm sure some of those laces will find themselves in a piece of your work before long.
Those books all look very interesting. It sounds as if Harley is settling in quite well - maybe she even won the fight with the neighbour's cat.
Happy decorating!

Roxanne said...

Harley looks quite 'at home' now.

Judy said...


Love the sound of your books, nice to hear small change in Harley she's being a normal cat, finding out her new abode is not some scary planet. Wonder if she gave the neighbours cat a dust up it would certainly help her feel more relaxed, she looks so comfy on Ian's lap.

Virginia said...

Happy Christmas to you all - by Christmas day I predict Harley will be demanding her share of the tucker as if she's been with you forever!


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