Friday, December 02, 2011

Lunch and look

Today we went to Keri Keri via HiHi - another lovely little peaceful spot

Lunch at Marsden Winery - fabulous food and wine - named after Samuel Marsden who happened to plant the first grape vines many many moons ago. This is Ian walking in the gardens. Keri Keri seems to have grown somewhat since we sailed in and lost our anchor.....


Heather said...

Another beautiful and restful location.
Thanks to Mr. Marsden, we have enjoyed some excellent Australian wines.

Ali Honey said...

Belated Happy Anniversary. It's a lovely part of our country and the toilets are still amazing no matter how many times seen. Glad you are both back enjoying your home country, hope the weather is okay cause we ordered rain.
Shame about the fires up north what a tragedy.


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