Sunday, December 18, 2011

Keep Calm - it's nearly Christmas

You know - we don't really get over excited about Christmas in this house but we always do the foodie stuff and presents of course. Haven't put the Christmas tree up yet but I have ordered the meat. Tonight we have Bruce and Kaz, Jarrad, Pete and Sarah coming for a bbq and I have made a trial run cassata - Haven't made my famous cassata for a few years but I was busily telling Kaz that mine was better than Il Pastos so I said I would add it to the Christmas pud scene along with the pavlova and hand made icecream.

This is the top layer - well it will be the bottom layer when I turn it out. Quite an involved process but it will taste okay for sure.

A piece I have been working on

with something to be part of it

messed up a bit but as soon as I have finished I will post it. It has to end up being 12 x 12 which is hard for me as I never measure anything.


Heather said...

I'm so pleased to hear you never measure anything! It's very inhibiting I find. I like the depth and layered look of your new piece, and the subtle colours.
Your bbq is going to be great and that dessert looks yummy.
Even for those of no religious persuasion, Christmas in the northern hemisphere brings cheer to our dark and gloomy winter, but it is more fun when there are still young children in the family.

Penny said...

Hi Dale, now we are on the Island I dont get excited either, it is the build up of stuff for the family that is the problem. Now that is all done I may be able to think again. Like the look of the new piece, I am quietly hand stitching too. Your tasters have leapt off before I have time to even think about them at the moment.
Are you going to give us the cassata recipe?
Hope you and Ian have a food filled (and good wine) Christmas.


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