Monday, December 05, 2011

yes we are back

We are back home now - arrived yesterday afternoon but along with a pile of people, had to wait forever at the airport because one lot of suitcases couldn't be delivered for some reason. At least we got our suitcases.
We had a fabulous week - loved the far north and would easily go again. I didn't even read past the second chapter of my book which is amazing for me. And above is the only stitching I did but it is all in a good cause.
Loads of parcels for Ian to collect this morning including the QA54 which is half done and the rest will be off in the mail tomorrow.

It has a couple of articles on discharging and de Colourant which I have enjoyed. I think there are a few copies left over - not many though.

 and finally Down Under Textiles 6 has arrived. These will all go out tomorrow. I have 2 little articles - on Evolon and Romeo - 2 of my favourite goodies to work on.

The newsletter should be posted tomorrow and then I will pop up another starter. Also do visit us on facebook becasue I have my Christmas treats starting soon as well.

By the way - one of us swears that 43 years is cardboard - not even corregated either......

Very sad right now - we have just found out that a good friend has died. Hold onto your health - it is so vital. Nothing else matters.


Heather said...

Welcome Home, but condolences for the loss of your friend.
Cardboard for 43 years?! That's a bit stingy!!
QA looks good - something else to look forward to as I have just found a UK supplier for Embellish mag and taken out a years sub.
Love the colours in your stitched piece - so fresh and cheerful.

Robin Mac said...

I agree with Heather - cardboard for 43 years? Far too stingy! When you think of the marriages which fall apart these days, 43 years deserves much more! So sorry about your friend.

Mary-anne said...

Gift vouchers are made of cardboard...

Ann said...

My sources show that Travel is the modern gift for 43rd anniversary! But I guess you did that and it beats cardboard.

Judy said...


Thought you and Ian were having a good time followed your photos. Sorry to hear you have lost a friend, it's a painful process. Nice thought that I have to new mags to come 'Choice' I read today doesn't hold a candle to Quilting Arts and Downunder Textiles, cant wait fr them to arrive.


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