Friday, December 09, 2011

life in a fireplace

 This is the lovely fireplace in our bedroom where the new member of our family is settled in. Ian took the top off so we could try and entice her out. During the night (mother's ears don't ever stop working), i heard her come out, use her kitty litter tray and then she jumped on our bed and ran down between the two of us. Ian didn't even wake up. Then off she went to the kitchen and ate all her food and went back into her 'house'.

Kazuko coaxed her out with food -

 but then she heard a noise and back in she went......

more enticement - amazing what food on a hand does.

Now she is getting rather brave but any noises outside frighten her so back in she goes. I think she likes being an indoor cat somehow. Wait until we start moving things out of the bedroom this weekend so we can start painting it.

 Embellish 8 arrived this afternoon - we will send them all out on Monday with the orders we haven't quite got to finish - we have had a very busy week. Don't forget to pop over to facebook for the 12 Days of Christmas. Something new every day when I load it. 

I have lots of stitching to do this weekend and quite a few other things with that persistant list. However a bbq is in order tonight first.


Heather said...

Your new family member looks so sweet. She's already brave enough to join you in bed! She has very good taste in hidey holes - that fireplace is so pretty.
Can't wait for my 'Embellish' - the new issue hadn't reached the UK when I subscribed.

Roxanne said...

I bet the new member of the family doesn't know she's being very entertaining to your blog readers. :)

Julie said...

YOur new family member is going to give you a lot of pleasure, just don't light any fires without checking the chimney ;-)

I've found a UK site and ordered a subscription to Embellish and I'm looking forward to seeing my first issue.

Sandra Wyman said...

Sounds like she's beginning to settle in. Looks like a very clean chumney, judging by the state of her white bits - we once had an apricot coloured long-haired kitten who had soot fall on him from the chimney - DH shampooed him with my henna shampoo so he ended up pink with grey streaks and not ahappy kitty!

Judy said...

Hi! Dale

She a lovely looking cat, and quite a different place for her to hide in, she'd be safer inside. We have a cat we've had for nearly 6 years and he's never been outside, doesn't seem to worry him, and the native birds are safe from him too.

Robin Mac said...

Such a pretty cat and how traumatised will she be when you paint!! She will certainly have to find another hiding place then you would think. Cheers


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