Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Harley

Harley is in the process of taking over - busy throughout the night peering out windows - safe as of course - likes going outside at night - sleeping on our bed - peering into everything that might be a suitable dark place to venture. Before we got her she had only eaten biscuits so tonight - first piece of real meat - not sure what to do with it....

Thanks for all the kind thoughts - no I didn't have stitches - yes I probably had concussion - yes I have a large bump but still the same mad person I ever was. I have been tripping over since I was about 10 but usually land on my knees which is why I have crook knees. First time my head has attached itself to a metal rack though.

I am still enthralled with this family tree stuff. Can't make headway with the Rollos though - I think the surname must have changed before 1752. Keeping me out of mischief but better than playing solitaire.

I have been packaging all the foils - we now have 43 different colours in regular, matte, unusual and holographic.  Do have a peep at the website in Experimentation - Metals. Ian hasn't put them on the front page because he has 3 to add still. Not nice to photograph though. And a lot to package but not as messy as Angelina.....


Heather said...

Harley looks very relaxed in your photo and will soon be ruling the roost!
Glad you are none the worse for your fall.
Sorting out ancestors can be quite difficult at times - so many seemed to have the same names as their parents, but it is fascinating.
Just found I can order some of your gorgeous machine threads from Rainbow Silks, here in the UK. Can't wait to get hold of them.

Sandy said...

Our dog doesn't like raw meat-we have to cook it for him. Glad you're taking it easy by tracing your family tree.

Dorothy said...

Harley seems to be very much at home with you and probably establishing himself as master of the household
At 9.30 in the morning and we have a gentle sea breeze Very pleasant it is. Hope alls well in your household as we welcome 2012.


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