Saturday, January 30, 2010

some Friday play

I have been playing with the leaves I got from Lisa Thanks Lisa for creating the fusibles - I think they are great.
I sewed some onto a created background - then I thought they needed a fine layer of stuff just like you might see them in the bush. The top thread has a slight tinge of daylight sneaking through.
Then I did a little stitching on a knitted surface and spent hours attacking it with my heat gun

However I rather like the back.

We are rather over summer - this weather has been going on for too long. At least in Melbourne they get days off.


Penny said...

Thank heaven yours only comes in short bursts for us, been quite pleasant lately.
I have almost finished the tantrum, this eye is really making everything so darn slow, especially when looking for something I know is there.
I cant knit with rayon will silk do?

Doreen G said...

That looks like a Friday well spent I would say.

Heather said...

I love your Friday play samples - the texture is gorgeous and the colours so understated yet still interesting. Great stuff. We are feeling the same about winter here in the UK having had another slight fall of snow. Can't wait for it to be spring. I know I want to be warm and you want to be cool, but we could both have too much of a good thing!!

Maggi said...

Some gorgeous textures in there.


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