Thursday, January 21, 2010

praise for a cool morning

Up at 5am to a lovely cool change and happy birds outside chirping away. Off for a pleasant walk in the park. This is Lincolns Cafe just around the corner beofre it opens - it's a fabulous place for coffee and Julie's yummy food.

The giveaways have all gone - all the mail came in this morning - 5 people all at once so I am making another pack of stiks and will contact those first 5 since they were like a race - crossing the line together. Thanks very much - I will have more goodies to give away before too long as I work my way around my studio.

Looking inside Lincolns before it opens - a lovely dull morning and you see all the reflections from the window.

Bruce is enjoying snow in Sapporo on his blog -

1 comment:

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

What fun to read your blog - here it is just still the Wenesday 20th and I'm just about ready to turn in........

Happy quilting, I really enjoy your blog!


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