Saturday, January 16, 2010

saturday morning walk

My morning walk is pretty predictable - I usually go around Hyde Park and sometimes deviate to wander different streets - Ian is more adventurous. When the school holidays have finished I shall go swimming again but the thought of thousands of kids having classes etc puts me of for the moment. Shall stick to a swim in the river instead. It is going to be hot all weekend and beyond so indoors stuff I think. I got a lovely parcel of goodies this week and want to get working on them. The proof copy of let's play with the Flower Stitcher came yesterday - very pleased with it - hopefully we will have them soon and be able to send out all the ones on pre-order.

This is the first lake at the park - lots of lovely trees and lots of ducks sitting around

tree lined paths

you can see where the water has dried up - it's an ongoing saga - there are people who think the council should do something about getting water back into the lakes - have they heard of global warming? you can see lots of algae in the water - I think the council are sort of retoring it to the swamp land it was - around our area of Perth there were many swamps and there are quite a number of housing spots built on swamp land where there have been problems. If the water table sinks then you woul dexpect the houses might too. They don't call the state sandgroper country for nothing.

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Anonymous said...

good old Hyde Park! it seems I was there loooooong time ago. Love your pix of our old neibourhood.


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