Thursday, January 14, 2010

out and about in my neighbourhood

Things on my walk this morning not far from home.

We have a laneway just across the road from us - there are loads of laneways all around Highgate and in Menora where we used to live - this one feeds the flats over the road and the back of all of the houses along there. Suddenly on Saturday, a town of Vincent council man came along and popped up a name for the laneway - Dilhorn Lane - amazing. Shame he didn't think to pop up a new Smith Street one on the corner which disappeared some time ago.

Just around the corner - a place selling retro cars - old Mustangs etc. Haven't seen such a collection for a long time.

The good old keep you in line sign

Someone couldn't drink the last drop

Our Perth Oval (aka ME stadium) where all the concerts and soccer are held and this year - yeah - the home for rugby - just how close is that?

Back over the road - this is what people do here with things they don't like - dump them on the verge - I am happy to say that these mattresses started on our lawn and Ian dragged them back down the lane so they have appeared again but over the road this time. The trouble is as soon as someone dumps junk it encourages everyone else to add to it. Hardly enticing.

The frangipani in our garden coming into bloom

and waiting to greet me at the front door


Robin Mac said...

I love the cat. Know what you mean about the dumped mattresses - doesn't happen here, but definitely happened where our son lived in Queenbeyan. Nothing stayed for long however, other scavengers must keep on the lookout, but doesn't make for a pleasant neighbourhood. Cheers, Robin

Heather said...

The frangipani flowers are gorgeous and I love your welcome home cat! It's such a shame when people spoil the look of the neighbourhood by dumping stuff. It seems to happen everywhere but usually not in such built up areas in the UK, they take their rubbish out into the countryside here. Love the look of those blue skies and no snow! Ours is thawing gradually thank goodness.


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