Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Bruce

Happy Birthday Bruce - and all of 38 today - hope you have a wonderful day - you could frolic in the snow you lucky thing.

From this

To this

to this.... - same smile we reckon..... freckles all gone?

and what's more - we have found the bike you need for your trip from south to north in Japan.


Bruce Rollerson said...

Thanks Mum. That's a brilliant hair cut you gave me there. And the dentistry - no expenses spared on rearing this child! With that in mind, I shall consider very seriously indeed your suggested bicycle.

Anonymous said...

I said to Bruce 'This is the first time to see baby Bruce' and he said 'me too'. You have done excellent to bring him up like he is now.

Downunderdale said...

Yes children - that is the genuine first photo!Just had a champagne to toast you both!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to Bruce - I hope he is pleased with the bike!!

Jill R said...

Well Ian you certainly can't disclaim him as a son now can you????


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