Thursday, December 03, 2009

we are back

Just arrived tonight from our lovely relaxing soul filling week (almost) in New Zealand. I love the west coast - I know we were on the south island west coast (where Ian is from) but in many ways it is similar to the north island west coast (where I am from). The colours of green and the bush and even the rain are fantastic. If it ever stops raining on the coast then we really all are in trouble. The pic above is Lake Wakatipu - the lake at Queenstown. Very famous - lots of tourists.Goodness knows what I am doing but we drove over the Crown Range and stopped to admire the view - a glorious day. The flight in was superb - it's a bit special to see the mountains capped with snow.

We flew into Queenstown from Auckland and after a revival cup of coffee and breakfast in Queenstown, made our way to Wanaka where we stayed for a couple of nights. That's our little room where we stayed in Wanaka. We arrived quite late by the time we meandered and had a bit of a sleep and woke late. Still managed to get sunburnt before we went out to eat. Forgot about the ultra violet rays down there - eat your heart out Perth - daylight saving means it is light until nearly 10pm.......

Very busy since we landed - I have answered most of the emails, pulled most of the orders, gotta get up early to do the washing and pack my bags to go to Sydney tomorrow afternoon for the NSW Texstyle conference. Ian will be busy... I will be back on Monday late morning so no dramas.

Thanks for all the lovely comments - we did have a very nice night out for our wedding anni - we are amazed they still go on and on!


Heather said...

Your trip to NZ sounds wonderful and the scenery is beautiful. If it doesn't stop raining here in UK we will be in trouble!

Maggi said...

Stunning scenery and a bit of that sunshine would definitely be welcome here in the UK.

Ali Honey said...

Belated Happy Anniversary.

You have shown your wedding photo before and each time I see it I think that somewhere in our youth our paths must have crossed - your face looks quite familiar to me.
( possibly in a school or education function - just can't think where exactly) Maybe the era is so familiar to me that you remind me of some of my friends in their wedding photos. One friend Heather had her hair in a similar fashion. It was beautiful but imagine looking after that now.


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