Thursday, December 17, 2009

a little australia to share

I really have finished all the pieces for the Flower Stitcher book but I couldn't resist a little Australia - my apologies to the good people from Tassie - you are a little close to the mainland but the Kunin felt kinda shrunk up. But on the other hand I didn't forget you..... It is quite difficult to fit little flowers to the actual shape of Australia - I think I have only moved the coast line a wee bit in places.

Here is a flower from one of our Magnolia trees - one gets more water than the other and is flowering and growing taller - have to do something about this. The flowers don't last for long.
This is the worst time of the year for Eucalyptus bark to fall - it is still everywhere - I have to make a track through the back garden every morning. Loads of leaves and pods falling as well and little branches.

I collected a number of stones from Okarito - this flat one is beautiful - I am going to stitch and layer coming up - but just one more flower stitch piece to do for the inside back cover. And then I really will stop. For the moment.

There are a couple of new textile magazines coming out in Australia - one is Downunder Textiles from the good folk at Downunder Quilts and the other Embellish from the good folk at Yarn and Felt. I am interested to see how they will go.

Many thanks for all the emails with new salad suggestions. I have quite a few to try now. And I also know that many of you, like me, love books........


jackie said...

A beautiful flower. Some sunshine would be nice here - we are supposed to have heavy snow tomorrow - guess it means I have to get to the shops today.
I hope you enjoy the workshop.

Heather said...

Love 'Little Australia' - what a great idea. The leaves of the magnolia are so smooth and glossy and that white flower is so elegant. The contour lines on that beautiful white stone are stunning and very inspirational.

lisa_crofts said...

Your map of australia looks great Dale. I would love to hear more about new salad recipes. A book I came across called the Salad Bible had some nice recipes in it. but i would love to hear recipes people have actually tried.... Did you hear they are going to allow knitting needles back on airplanes...Good news.

Ann said...

Wonderfull map of Australia. Can't wait for the Flower Stitch book as I have one that I haven't used! Makes me want to make another visit (from Canada). Happy Holidays.


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