Friday, December 11, 2009

fleetwood mac

we are about to have a bbq in our back garden and Fleetwood Mac are performing at the Perth Oval (aka ME Stadium) - I still wonder what would happen if we wound Mozart up this loud. However you could say we are enjoying a free concert....

Gonna be hot tomorrow - I have been flower stitching on vanishing muslin aka thermogauze - paint it first - you really need a mask when you attack it with a heat gun. I will post the pic tomorrow -

Pixie - do go to Okarito - I love it there -

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SimpleEndeavors said...

I don't know about winding Mozart up as loud as Fleetwood Mac, but Pachelbel, Beethoven, Handel, Tchaikovsky, and others, you would have Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I was astounded, and not in a good way, the first time I heard them. Then I gave them another chance. Wow! Attended a concert this week, and it was a feast for the eyes, ears, and all things that thump! :-) When I listen to them, I can't help but wonder if the old masters would like the way their music had been kept current, or absolutely hate it.


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