Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Waitangi Day in NZ

This is my offering for Waitangi Day today - a little vessel. Fiddly things these are.... All whilst listening to the cricket. The piece from yesterday is 40cm x 30cm - I don't work big.

If there is anyone who reads my blog from Tasmania, we are definitely coming to Hobart - the weekend of the 24th March - not doing a workshop but I will be doing demos and hopefully will have an embellisher to demo on.

My order of the lovely silk papers from Bangladesh arrived today - yummy papers for stitching and embellishing. Have to have more of a play with them.


Ro Bruhn said...
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Ro Bruhn said...

Hi Dale

I've only just discovered your blog and think your work is fantastic. I haven't done a lot of fibre art recently but your work has inspired be to take it up again. I'm coming to WA in March to the Artistic Journey retreat so I may get to meet you, as I believe you might be there.

PS I messed up my previous post so deleted it.

Anonymous said...


How great you'll be in Hobart, I am swearing as I won't be there have a good stay you'll meet lots of lovely taswegians.


Dianne said...

Great little vessel - the textures look fantastic!!


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